Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have a yamaha banshee ATV from the year 2000 and i lost the key to the beast.....any tips to hotwire it?

yamaha banshee, ATV, year 2000, lost key, how do i hotwire it?|||There should be a number on the ignition itself that is not the VIN that you can take to a shop that cuts bike keys (not all hardware stores do) and they can cut a key based on that number. It will be a little more expensive than copying a key but much cheaper than replacing the ignition.|||With all the new devices they have for security I doubt it. But you should be able to give them the VIN # and get a key made...Unless of course it's hot...then you might have a problem. Even if you get a new ignition...they will probably ask or the Serial Number...(or VIN# same thing) Hope it aint hot. lol|||dude just go buy a new ignition for it.|||theswitch should have a 5 digit code on bottom. You'll need to go to a Yamaha dealer with that number and find a dealer that has a "codecutter" for making duplicate keys. It usually costs ten bucks or if you don't need headlights just unplug the switch. On YFZ350M the keyswitch only shorts out the cdignition to ground when switch is in off position. Now the whole friggen yahoo world can snag yer bike|||Just go back to the dealer that it was purchased at and they should have a # for it and can make you a new key for about $5.00|||Sounds like you stole it, if you have any common sense, go to a dealer and by a new ignition switch.|||no. but you can get a molded for the place it may cost you some $$$$|||Listen to sovereign he knows what hes talking about, take the lock off get the number then go to your dealer and get a duplicate most good agents can do the same for most jap bikes and British too but like he says you need to get security or good insurance on your bike cause these, like a lot of machines are very easy to steal

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