Thursday, January 12, 2012

Polaris or Yamaha ATV?

I am looking to buy a new ATV soon and I am torn on which model to get. I am stuck between the Yamaha Grizzly 450 or the Polaris Sportsman 400. The Polaris is $5699 new and the Yamaha is $6899 new so the Polaris has the edge on price. However I have heard mixed reviews on the suspension on the Polaris (mcpherson strut). I heard it can be like riding a pogo stick. The yamaha has independent A arms in front and back which is what I'm used to. Is it that noticeable or am I over thinking it? Any help would be great.Polaris or Yamaha ATV?
I say Polaris. Every Polaris ATV I he had lasted forever without having to get parts.Polaris or Yamaha ATV?
Polaris is better than Yamaha ATV. So i think you should buy Polaris.

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